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About Company

Haein Industrial Co., Ltd. 심볼


Haein Industrial Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in the production of ship galley equipment, fish processing system's equipment and ship's repairing.

Haein Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in May 1, 1993 started as a specialist in the production of ship's galley equipment ans since, we are continuously developing with your help and encouragement.

Since 2000, in addition to the galley equipment department, was established the fish processing equipment department, which in 2007 also introduced ship's repair works in order to meet our client's various needs.

We are currently supplying to various areas such as domestic and foreign shipyards, general repair ships, navy, Korea coast guard and overseas export, especially performance is of particular importance related to the supplying and installation on the medium and large repair ships which requires of long experience and know-how.

looking back at the last 20 years, I think it was the favor of our clients that actively helped us to grow and develop fruitfully.

Now, in order to reciprocate, our employees will do every effort to make the prices more competitive, the quality more higher and the A/S more activer.

Our motto is "Always like the first time."

We promise to always be your unchanging companion and we look forward to your generous advice and encouragement.

We are always sincerely wish you health and endless success.

With appreciation,
CEO Young Bok, Kang